Manual Penalty Recovery of a Site Without Losing SEO

09Mar, 2017

Penalty happens when a website violates any of the Google’s guidelines. No matter what kind of business you are involved with, achieving the high number of traffic and zero bounce rate is an¬†ultimate goal. But as the digital media is advancing at an increasing rate, it’s really difficult to get your website ranked. Therefore, it’s always smart to have a well-structured plan when you are getting on with link-building or SEO strategies.

There are a lot of reasons why a website can be penalized, then again there are Google Algorithms which singles out over 20,000 websites in a month based on several different reasons. But the best part is, you can always try to recover your penalized website by performing some of the required measures.

First of all, how to recognize that your website has been penalized? you will notice a sudden drop in your traffic. Now considering after you found out the reason for your sudden traffic drop, you must also know that you can be penalized in two different ways. One can be the usual Google spam and the other based on the Google Algorithm. Now check out how you can recover your website.

Recover your Website

We did mention the two different ways your website can get penalized, now know what measures you can take for each one of them individually.  You simply have to check your webmaster to find out which manual action has caused you the trouble. Also, if you think the reason is due to Google Algorithm then try to find out the backlink that must have caused you the penalty and brought down your ranking. Once you find that out, you have to instantly delete those backlinks.

To identify the bad backlink you can take help from many tools, it is a great help which will monitor your backlinks completely and get your problems resolved. These are a few simple steps that you can take to undo the unspeakable penalty.

  • You can clearly just create an email with the request to remove the link
  • Control a track record for all the related email requests
  • Get into the roots and dig up the webmaster’s email address
  • Now send a personalized request for the removal of bad backlink

These can be the few simple steps you can take to recover your website from Google penalty. It does sound complicated but not impossible. We do have a lot of other articles which can be really helpful in this terms.

Core Extract

In order to keep your website safe from Google penalty read some additional manuals which will clear out the basic difference for you. You may understand it clearly then what to do and when to do it. It’s said that Google penalty can be undone, but you have to take the measures seriously for all it takes. We believe and encourage our readers in building a website that can be free from Google penalties whatsoever. You are free to follow our other posts which will tell you alot about internal Google functioning.

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