How Google Panda Affected Website Creation

07Mar, 2017

Panda is one of the well-known terms in Googles Algorithm and it brings in a lot of limitations for websites as compared to other Algorithm. Google launched Panda in the year 2011 and announced that it will be crucially scanning the poor-quality content or SEO stuffing in the websites. The announcement didn’t say much because the results were unexpected. It’s the usual where Panda keeps a very close check on the content quality which your website creates.

Considering the fact that you would want to know the pointers that panda hold on to. Panda pinks up content which are completely useless and sounds generic. Similar looking content on your website or plagiarised in anyway will get Panda to work and you can even get penalized for that violation. This rule is basically benefitting to website owners who are working on their content and creating a fresh work all along. On the flip side, spammers who create generic and low-quality content will be thoroughly penalized.

The Update Game

Right after the launch of Panda when people started recognizing and understanding their effect, it came up with few another deadly update which caused the website a lot of trouble in terms of their standards and more.

  • Scraper Update
  • Farmer Update

These two may sound completely out of the context names as compared to Panda and penguin. It wiped out all the not required garbage which was floating on the internet without purpose. Scraper update did what it has to do. It simply targetted to the website with annoying and low-quality content. The other update with another adorable yet curious name called farmers update has a lot to add up. Farmers update segregates content, it says to wipe out unnecessary and useless content farm with no identity of their own.

Wrap Up

The Panda update came out to be a curse to websites which were spamming for too long. It did bring a lot of change in the mechanism of websites but also contributed a lot to the positive side.


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