Our mission is simple.

We help you organize and track your home maintenance tasks.

See what you can do with the Home TuneUp app. It's Free!

Build your to-do list

With a few clicks build a to-do list that is tailored to your home. Select the appliances you own, the tools and materials you have at home, and we will build the to-do list. We will create a shopping list for the items you don't have, along with product recommendations.

Create a personalized schedule

We will create a personalized schedule of tasks that you can import into your favorite calendar app. You tell us how much time you want to spend and we will tailor the to-do list accordingly. Mark off holidays and vacation time when you don't want to be doing home maintenenace chores.

Learn how to do the tasks

Don't know how to do something? No problem. We have gathered some of the best ideas on how to keep your home running like clockwork. We will show you how and tell you what you need.

Track your progress

Check off the items you have completed and track your progress along the way. See how well you are doing against the schedule created for you. Get timely reminders, so you can be prepared.

Become a Home Maintenance Super Hero

When it comes to your home, things that dont drip, blink, or beep get forgotten. Before you know the list of to-dos gets too long and tracking them gets harder. With Home TuneUp as your side kick, you can go from being an overwhelmed home owner to a home maintenance Super Hero.

Your super powers are just a click away.